BSGLMM: Download

Bayesian Spatial Generalised Linear Mixed Model

By Tian Ge, Tim Johnson & Tom Nichols


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To keep and maintain resources to support BSGLMM we need to know something about the demographics of BSGLMM user base, in terms of location, modality, and previous BSGLMM usage. Therefore, prior to downloading BSGLMM software, please complete the following registration form:

  • Please supply at least your name, institution and location.
  • This information is for demographic purposes only.
    No individual details will be released.
  • Your email address (if supplied) will not be added to any list or publicly accessible file.
    Only in exceptional circumstances will we contact you directly regarding the software you are about to download.
  • It would be helpful for us if you could indicate the imaging modalities you use, how many people will use the software you are downloading, and which (if any) versions of the BSGLMM software you have previously used.
  • Any additional comments will be emailed directly to the BSGLMM authors.
  • Posting the form will take you to a page giving you the URL's for downloading the requested BSGLMM software.

Download Form

The form can be accessed through this link.


Alternatively, check GitHub for update history, version control and latest version: BSGLMM Repo.