Welcome to the homepage of the NeuroImaging Statistics Oxford (NISOx) research group lead by Professor Thomas Nichols's at the Oxford Big Data Institute.


The NISOx group develops inference methods and tools for large scale, population neuroimaging studies. Current areas of focus are Coordinate-Based and Image-Based Meta-Analysis, Data Sharing, Best Practice and Effective Connectivity.

For a full list of research publications presented by the NISOx group please see the publications page.


  • 17 January 2018 Insight and Inference on DVARS has been accepted for a recent issue of Neuroimage! ... see more.
  • 20 November 2017

    The NISOx website and the blog are now live! Please explore the Website and Blog and send any feedback you have to Professor Tom Nichols.

  • 23 June 2017

    We are attending the OHBM Hackathon in Vancouver!