Dvars Accepted

17 Jan 2018

Insight and Inference on DVARS has been accepted for a recent issue of Neuroimage! This work, authored by Soroosh Afyouni and Tom Nichols, proposes an inference method for the seminal work of John Von Neuman on mean square of successive differences (MSSD).

In terms of neuroimaging applications, this work is a continuation of the popular “scrubbing” method via producing p-values for spikes in DVARS. This work also shows the MSSD merely explains “fast” variabilities in 4D data-sets. However, when combined with two other components, slow and edge variabilities, it can delivers a summary of spatio-temporal corruptions (i.e. head movement, physiological signals and cerebral blood circulations).

For more information please visit the software page.

Source: Insight and inference for DVARS